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Saint Cards - Senior Thesis Project 


In trusting God with his plans for me, I was able to know and understand that my soul purpose of being here on planet Earth was to be a designer. Through my education, I have discovered my ability to create as being one of the many gifts that God has blessed me with. With that said, I chose to focus my senior thesis on my faith. After weeks of self-reflection and chance methodologies, I came across one phrase in my notebook - "My future is written for me." After seeing that, I started to explore type, time and my personal interests. I quickly realized that by being raised in the Catholic Church, I was taught a lot - but I never really knew the significance and stories behind each Saint. So I dived into research, and started to organize information. It was so interesting to learn about why they represented what they did, and who they were. 


From there, I designed Saint Cards that differed from the traditional norm, and I used type, graphic elements and a bright color palette to intrigue the interests of those who wouldn't normally pick up a traditional Saint Card. In addition, I designed candles and t-shirts, other fun merchandise that is always sold at church. My hope is that this project is used as an education device for young adults and  the many generations to come. 

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