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EAT - Vegan, Rebranded. 


For this assignment, I was required to do a self-assessment of everything that makes me, me. After weeks of soul-searching and self research, I decided to rebrand the concept of being a vegan. You see, in the world today, people view it as something that is a diet, a trend - or maybe even a lifestyle. However, in this context, I wanted my brand to be viewed as something that treats the concept of veganism not as something people do for society, but for themselves - so that they can feel their absolute best and understand that food is an element that fuels the human body. 

The brand utilizes a bright and bold color palette that was inspired by the beautiful natural colored super and health foods that exists. To go with the eat clean lifestyle, I chose a super clean sans serif to represent the brand, along with mouth-watering vocabulary to make the viewer want to absolutely indulge in health foods. I plan to revisit this brand one day, perhaps while filming in the kitchen - but for now, my presentation and work process is below. 

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